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Ogdensburg Seaway House
212 Caroline Street
Ogdensburg, NY13669
Phone - (315) 393-3133
Fax - (315) 393-3703

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A clubhouse based on the emerging concepts of Psychiatric Rehabilitation, promoting individual recovery through the process of skill development.

Seaway House has developed into a program that encourages independence, hope, empowerment and choice. We are committed to promoting the rights of members and eliminating the barriers which separate persons living with mental illness from their neighbors.

Seaway House

Our Mission: To engage clubhouse participants in the process of recovery through goal setting in order to achieve further independence, effectiveness, and satisfaction in the following environments - living, learning, working, and socializing.


“One could hardly think that great improvements in personal and social functioning could be made by learning the most basis of steps. However, this is just how Seaway House works. By learning core skills and blocking them together over time, huge strides are made in the way a person looks at themselves, but how they look at the world.”

Although this all sounds very serious and formal, the key element to Seaway Houses’s success is that the atmosphere along with the activities offered are fun and inviting. When one walks into clubhouse, they immediately feel a sense of vitality, activity and growth.

The voluntary nature of Clubhouse is the cornerstone of our philosophy. No one is forced to participate, but is encouraged to join in at their own pace. Members have the right to use at their own discretion, the opportunities and relationships they choose.

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