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Catholic Charities provides quality services for both biological parents and perspective adoptive families. All services to birth parents are provided free of charge. We have a long history of providing quality home studies for international adoption. If you know someone who is in a crisis pregnancy contact your local office. The local offices provide casework and counseling services to birth parents. The administrative office of Catholic Charities deals with the adoptive parents and the legal/court paperwork and process for finalizing the adoptions.

Available in all counties.

CCSI - Coordinated Children’s Services Initiatives

Coordinated Children’s Services Initiatives provides case management and additional supportive services as needed by families who have a child or children with severe behavioral, social or emotional problems.

Available in St. Lawrence County only.


CHILL group is an anger management and social skills group for Clinton County youth between the ages of 12-16. The group meets Tuesday evenings from 5- 6:30 pm at Catholic Charities in Plattsburgh, NY. CHILL is facilitated by a Master's level mental health counselor and a Master's level licensed social worker. The group is FREE for Clinton County residents. Parents, clinicians, and individual young women can refer themselves to CHILL by calling Catholic Charities at (518) 561-0470. CHILL is supported by grants from the Clinton County Youth Bureau.

Available in Clinton County only.

Community and Parish Service

Community and Parish Services are core services of Catholic Charities. These services include: workshops, outreach, networking, partnering with parishes on public policy issues, Project Rachel and other outreach services. Partnering with the parishes is an on-going priority for Catholic Charities.

Available in all counties.


Counseling is one of Catholic Charities core services. Counseling services are offered through all of the regional offices. Professional and experienced Master's Level staff can provide counseling for individuals, couples, and families. The highest level of confidentiality is practiced at all times with clients. Catholic Charities has contractual arrangements to provide counseling for clients referred through Military One Source (Ceridian) and other EAP (employee assistance) programs. Catholic Charities provides services on a non-sectarian basis and does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, religious affiliation, ethnic background or sexual orientation or ability to pay.

Available in all counties.

Financial Assistance

Funds to help with some crisis needs after other community sources are exhausted.

Available in all counties.

Foster Grandparent Program

This program provides a small stipend to low income seniors. The seniors provide support to children/youth who need extra attention and encouragement in a day care, school, Head Start and other settings.

Available in St. Lawrence, Clinton, Essex, Franklin & Jefferson Counties.


IMAGE group has been established to help any young woman between the ages of 12-18 residing in Clinton County who is currently utilizing self-harming behavior (excessive dieting, cutting, binge/purge behaviors) to cope with poor body image. The group meets Thursday evenings from 5-6:30 PM at Catholic Charities in Plattsburgh, NY. IMAGE is facilitated by a Master's level mental health counselor and a Master's level licensed social worker. The group is FREE for Clinton County residents. Parents, clinicians, and individual young women can refer themselves to IMAGE by calling Catholic Charities at (518) 561-0470. IMAGE is supported by grants from the Clinton County Youth Bureau.

Available in Clinton County only.

Information and Referral

Linkage to community resources to meet individual needs.

Available in all counties.

Long Term Care Ombudsman Program

Catholic Charities sponsors this program in St. Lawrence, Jefferson and Lewis Counties. The Long Term Care Ombudsman Program is a volunteer program.  Certified volunteers visit with residents in their communities living in long term care facilities, like nursing homes or adult homes.  The Ombudsman volunteers ensure that resident’s rights are being respected and help residents improve their quality of life by empowering them, or by advocating on their behalf, to solve problems or concerns that may arise.  Volunteers are trained and receive on-going support and training.

This program offers volunteers the opportunity for real service to vulnerable individuals in their communities.

This is also the program to contact if you or a loved one are a resident in a long term care facility and are experiencing a problem or have a concern

Available in St. Lawrence/Jefferson/Lewis.

Parenting: For Our Children

Parenting: For Our Children is an education program created for divorcing or separating parents to help them understand the impact of their breakup on their children. The main goal of the program is to teach parents ways they can reduce the stress of family changes and protect their children from the negative effects of ongoing parental conflict. It is a certified program of the New York State Parent Education and Awareness Program of the Office of Court Administration. The program is a 6 hour course. Classes are limited to 40 people. You will not be placed in the same class as the other parent of your child(ren). The classes are conducted by master's level counselors, and group facilitators in a classroom setting. Teachers will provide information through lecture, video tape, role-play and discussion. Parenting: For Our Children may not be appropriate when domestic abuse is present. Please contact your regional Catholic Charities Office for more information.

Available in all counties.

Maternity Services

Catholic Charities provides counseling, case management and financial assistance to individuals/couples dealing with issues, problems or financial need during the time of pregnancy or parenting of an infant/toddler.

Available in St. Lawrence, Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Jefferson & Lewis Counties.

Offender Accountability Group

The Offender Accountability Group is an educational program focusing on men who are perpetrators of domestic violence.

Available in St. Lawrence County only.

Parenting and Education Classes

These classes provide education to individuals who are pregnant, or parenting children who are 5 years of age and younger.

Available in Clinton & Essex Counties.

Postpartum Depression Program (Healthy Beginnings)

Postpartum Depression Program: Postpartum Depression Education, Identification and Support Program targets residents in St. Lawrence, Jefferson, Lewis, Clinton, and Essex counties. Educational materials will be provided to families. Individual counseling will be available in the five counties free of charge; postpartum depression support/psycho educational group will be offered.

Available in Clinton, Essex, Jefferson, Lewis & St. Lawrence Counties

Pregnancy and Parenting Teen Population

Case management, education, counseling and mentoring with the many challenges of parenthood. Services are available to individuals 20 years and younger who are pregnant/parenting and teens that are at risk for becoming pregnant.

Available in Franklin County only.

Project Iris

A 10-week educational support group for women. The mission of Project Iris is to assist and support women while dealing with life stage issues, family issues, past/present experiences of difficult relationships, loss, and stress in building new relationships.

Available in St. Lawrence County only.

Project Rachel

Project Rachel is the Church’s ministry to individuals and families who have been involved in abortion. A diocesan based ministry, Project Rachel is a network of specially trained counselors and priests who provide one-on-one counseling and spiritual/sacramental care.

Available in all counties.

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program

This program invites older adults to put their experience to work solving problems close to home. Whether teaching children or adults to read, protecting the environment, or providing much-needed support to non-profit agencies, RSVP volunteers are making their communities stronger. There are no education, experience, nor income requirements to belong to RSVP. We engage men and women age 55 and better in meaningful volunteer service that strengthens the well being of both self and community.

Available in Clinton & Essex Counties.

Seaway House

Seaway House is a community service program designed to assist individuals diagnosed with a severe and persistent mental illness in initiating engagement in the process of recovery through goal setting in the areas of interpersonal skills, self care, recreation leisure, and independent living skills.

Available in St. Lawrence County only.

Speakers Bureau

If you need a speaker/workshop presenter for your parish, school or community group please call Catholic Charities. We will discuss the topic you have chosen and work with you to find the appropriate speaker/presenter. You can request a copy of Catholic Charities’ speakers bureau information by contacting the administrative office.

Available in all counties.




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