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Christmas Annua​l Appeal

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December 2022

Dear Friend of Catholic Charities,

The Christmas Season is upon us...

Advent is the time to not only rejoice but to reflect on the many hurdles we have faced these past two years and the vulnerable situations we never thought we would be in. As we slowly start to regain our footing as a community that has been afflicted by financial trouble, mental and physical illness, and uncertainty about the future; we give thanks and look forward to a more positive future.

The manger scene is a reminder that even our Holy Family needed clothing, food, and shelter. The birth of the Blessed Child leads us to that place within us where our compassion, kindness, and understanding live. Living in that light is a call to be present and extend help to those that need it.

We want to thank you for your ongoing support of Catholic Charities, Diocese of Ogdensburg, and all of the endeavors achieved this year. Our goal is to respond to as many individuals and families, who have struggled with job loss and poverty. As Mother Teresa said, “It is Christmas every time you let God love others, through you”.

Thanks to your contribution; this past year we have: