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Mother's Day Annual Appeal

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May 2022
Dear Friends in Christ:    

As spring returns to the North Country, we are grateful for the help Catholic Charities has received from our generous donors during the past year. The pandemic has been a real challenge. Individuals and families who have never been in dire need now experience poverty for the first time. With unemployment and daily poverty reaching more deeply into our North Country communities, our charitable response needs to be greater than ever.

As faithful disciples of Christ and as a Church in action, we have always worked together to respond to those in need and offer guidance through quality services designed to respect the dignity of each person. Inspired by the Gospel, the many programs and services that are offered by Catholic Charities throughout our diocese, focus on building a just and compassionate society that embraces the gifts given to us by Christ. 

As we prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day 2022, we are asking for your help once again. We need our volunteers, our supporters, and our benefactors to journey with us on this continuing mission of charity and justice. It is your financial gift to Catholic Charities that provides the resources that allow Catholic Charities to respond.

Catholic Charities continues to serve the neediest and most underserved in our eight counties across northern New York. We cultivate hope through our food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless housing, migrant outreach, parenting education and financial assistance to individuals and families with the greatest of needs.

As Catholic Charities has professed for over one hundred years, we create Hope when we first provide Help

Gratefully yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Terry R. LaValley  
Bishop of Ogdensburg